Sinmix Pte Ltd
Our Products

We supply concrete with various sources of sand, granite aggregates and premium quality raw materials to meet our customer’s stringent requirements. Our range of products has been approved by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore.

• Self Compacting Concrete

• Ferrocement

• Concrete using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and OPC

• Non-structural Concrete using Washed Copper Slag/Recycled Aggregates

• Ultra High Performance Concrete of above 100mpa

• High Density Concrete

• Light Weight Concrete

• Pavement Quality Concrete

• Shotcrete

• Colored Concrete

• Temperature Controlled Concrete

• High Workability Concrete

• Superior Durability Concrete for Marine Environment

• High Strength Growth Concrete

• Fast Setting Mortars/Concrete

Sinmix Pte Ltd
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